Personal Training -
a class by itself

Personal Training

A Personal Training in boxing or kickboxing includes various advantages for you: It is wholly tailored for your aims, your performance skills and your agenda, hence it is very effective.

Our Personal Trainer from the Executive Sports Club takes time to design your individual fitness- and health concept. Personal training allows you to have the utmost flexibility: You yourself can define your aims as well as the training location and time. Take advante of training directly at the Executive Sports Club, or at your home, in your fitness studio, out in nature or in your office.

Your Personal Trainer is at your side, advising and motivating you throughout the entire training phase. Paired with the intensive and personal guidance and the target workout we make sure that your training gives you the highest possible results. You can easily look forward to the goals you have reached.

Personal Training can be booked for boxing or kickboxing but also for general fitness or the loss of weight.