Executive Sports Club

Executive Sports Club

Amp up your performance and boost your personal health – no matter whether you want to train in open groups, small groups, in personal training, or seek an overall boxing-, kickboxing or fitness training

Exercise is the key to physical and mental fitness. The more effectively you put it into use the more you will experience the benefits. Achievements not only include reducing weight and developing physical skills, but also feeling satisfied as you become a positive thinker.

One of the focal points at the Executive Sports Club is clearly directed at the martial arts like boxing and kickboxing. There are only few sports disciplines that train and develop fitness as completely as boxing or kickboxing do. Power, stamina, speed and coordination are all simultaneously trained also supporting mental fitness: getting into boxing means training your reflexes as well as your concentration. Likewise, it enhances perserverance and self-confidence coupled with courage.

The Executive Sports Club is directed at those in and around Frankfurt who are seeking a fitness program with a top standard. Our training is known for its coaches, their excelling competence, intensive and individual coaching and their high flexibility.



Counseling, Activating, Motivating

All of these make up the core skills of a good coach: We are dedicated to our top standard and use it for setting up the Executive Sports Club team. Be it boxingkickboxing, or the versatile personal training, our coaches have long-standing experiences in all disciplines. Their specialized skills have been acquired during their formation at the Deutschen Sport Bund and at the Deutschen Amateurboxverband.